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From it’s establishment in 1971, Fairtex is one of the leading Muay Thai boxing brands in the world. Founded by Phillip Wong, the goal for Fairtex was to bring awareness to the martial art of Muay Thai not only around the streets of Thailand, but expand awareness into the United States. Today, Fairtex is still one of the top brands you can choose from for your kickboxing and Muay Thai training needs. Click the button below to check out some of our featured Fairtex products available at ATL Fight Shop

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Is Fairtex A Good Brand?

Many Fairtex products, such as their higher end boxing gloves, are each hand-made with genuine leather. One of the many unique features of Fairtex gloves is that they’re compact with just enough flexibility to allow you to engage in clinch battles during sparring - that’s the beauty of using Muay Thai boxing gloves.

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