What Are Boxing Hand Wraps For? A Look At The Essential Piece Of Gear For Boxing

Boxing is a sport that requires a ton of impact to your hands. From the very early stages of learning how to box, you’re exposed to punching on heavy bags, coaching mitts and eventually sparring partners. Because of the amount of impact your hands can absorb while you box, it’s important to equip yourself with the right gear to keep your hands and wrists nicely padded and secure. But as someone who may be new to the sport of boxing, you’re probably wondering what purpose do boxing hand wraps actually serve and do you even need them? This article will dive into detail about what this crucial piece of boxing gear is, what it’s for, and what can happen if you fail to invest and project yourself with a quality pair of hand wraps. 

What Are Boxing Hand Wraps And What Are They For?

Boxing hand wraps are essential pieces of gear designed to serve multiple purposes in the sport, prioritizing both protection and performance. These cloth strips, typically made of materials like cotton or elastic, are worn around the hands and wrists underneath boxing gloves. The primary purpose of hand wraps is to provide critical support and safeguarding to the hands during training and competition. By offering reinforcement to the knuckles and wrists, hand wraps play an important role in preventing injuries from the impact of punches. Additionally, they contribute to maintaining proper fist formation, enhancing wrist stability, and distributing force evenly across the hand, thereby optimizing a boxer's technique and power. Beyond their protective function, hand wraps like these cool hand wraps and these fairtex hand wraps also absorb sweat, promoting hygiene by preventing moisture from reaching the boxing gloves. In essence, boxing hand wraps are a fundamental accessory, ensuring the safety, longevity, and optimal performance of a boxer in the ring.

Why Do Boxers Wear Hand Wraps?

Boxing hand wraps, while often overlooked, is one of the most important pieces of gear any boxer or striking practitioner should have in their gym bag. Too often, boxers and striking practitioners run into unsuspecting injuries because they don’t wrap their hands before hopping on the heavy bag or training on the mitts.

Boxers wear hand wraps for one purpose: to protect their hands and wrists from potential injury. To provide you some context, if you’re practicing throwing hooks on the heavy bag and your punching form accidentally is thrown out the window, the hand wraps are your last resort of protection from potentially spraining your wrists. Once your wrists are sprained, it will alter the rest of your training session because you won’t want to throw punches as hard, thus reducing the efficiency of your training.

Do You Need To Wear Boxing Hand Wraps?

Wearing boxing hand wraps is absolutely crucial for anyone training in boxing or any sort of striking combat sport. One primary reason revolves around the potential for hand injuries during training (see above for more details). The hands, especially the knuckles and wrists, are susceptible to fractures, sprains, and other forms of trauma due to the repeated impact of punches. Without proper protection, these injuries can leave you sidelined, affect your training progress, and even lead to long-term damage. Hand wraps like the Everlast 1910 Hand Wraps and the Fairtex Elastic Hand Wraps act as an important layer of defense, providing essential support to the knuckles and stabilizing the wrist joints. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries by absorbing and distributing the force generated during punches. Please do not consider training if you’re not going to wear hand wraps.

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