How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

The earliest evidence for boxing as a sport dates back to the 3rd century BC. Ever since then, boxing has remained a popular sport, especially in the last 100 years. Today, boxing training is commonly used as a preferred method to get in shape and to learn self defense.

The foundation of any boxer is a good pair of boxing gloves. Choosing boxing gloves for beginners can be difficult if you don't know what to look for. After all, how can you tell if a pair of boxing gloves are high-quality or just plain awful?

More than that, what kind of glove size should you choose? What about the price? Keep reading and learn more about choosing a great pair of boxing gloves for beginners. 

Why Is It Important To Choose High-quality Boxing Gloves?

Many people don't realize that not all boxing gloves are the same. While different boxing gloves may more or less look like high-quality choices, the construction of certain gloves is much better than others. This is important to understand before you even think about getting a pair of boxing gloves. 

Some beginners believe that they shouldn't bother investing in a good pair of boxing gloves because, after all, they are just starting out. However, this isn't necessarily true. Even if you are a beginner, you should still buy a high-quality pair of boxing gloves. 

If you buy a cheap pair of gloves, you will find that you'll never be able to train properly as well as run the risk of potential injury to your hands and wrists. This is because cheap boxing gloves are full of defects and they will never help you reach your true potential. Cheap boxing gloves tend to wear out easily. 

What You Need to Know

The material might start to tear or wear down even after a few boxing sessions. For that reason alone, cheap gloves aren't worth it even if they are more affordable. Even though they're more affordable up front, you'll find that you'll end up losing a lot more money in the long term because you'll need to keep replacing the gloves

You won't need to worry about this problem if you pay a bit more money and buy a high-quality pair of gloves in the first place. A good pair of gloves will be made out of very sturdy material so that they will stand strong even after months of training. A good pair of gloves will also ensure that your hands and wrists remain as comfortable as possible. 

A cheap pair of gloves will leave you at a higher risk for hand injuries. This is due to the thinner and less effective padding. Also, cheap gloves will not be as secure on your hands.

Even though paying a good chunk of money for boxing gloves can be intimidating, you should keep in mind that a good pair of gloves will allow you to grow as a boxer, unlike cheap gloves which will only allow you to get so far. 

What Should You Avoid When Choosing Boxing Gloves for Beginners?

What are good boxing gloves for beginners, you might ask? Good boxing gloves will always have great padding on the inside. The padding, of course, is the foundation of any good boxing glove. 

If there isn't enough padding inside or if the padding is sewn inside in an inefficient way, you will find that your hands will not have enough protection against whatever you're hitting. This can actually end up injuring your hand if you're not careful. And, of course, if you end up doing that, you'll have no choice but to take a break from boxing for a while. 

For that reason, you'll always want to double-check the thickness and quality of the padding before you buy a pair of boxing gloves. It is best to try on a pair of gloves before you buy them so you can get a real feel of what the inside of the glove is like. The padding should protect your hands, especially your knuckles, completely. 

If you find that a particular pair of gloves has padding that feels a bit thin or cheap, then it is best to ditch those gloves in favor of another pair. Another thing you should avoid involves bad velcro straps. There are two ways to bind your gloves to your hands. 

Some gloves have laces while others have velcro straps around the wrists. While laces will certainly keep your gloves in place, you can't tie them yourself. If you don't always have someone on hand to tie your laces for you, then you won't be able to box whenever your feel like it, and this, of course, can be quite inconvenient. 

The Details

Velcro straps, on the other hand, you can secure completely on your own. However, what many people don't know is that not all velcro straps are made the same. The straps might seem fine when you first take a look at some gloves, but when you put them into action, you may find that the straps are not at all secure. 

The velcro might actually be very weak and flimsy during the act of boxing. If this is the case, then you will find your gloves slipping and turning on your hands as you throw your punches. This, of course, is not at all an efficient way of training. 

In fact, if your gloves aren't secure on your hands due to bad velcro straps, you can actually end up injuring your hands. For that reason, you will always want to double-check that a pair of boxing gloves has very secure velcro straps. This is perhaps one of the most important factors to think about when buying boxing gloves. 

Another thing you should avoid is boxing gloves made out of cheap materials. Boxing gloves are generally made out of leather or vinyl. However, some boxing gloves are made out of very cheap materials that may look nice but don't function well at all. 

Cheap glove materials will only fall apart after a few training sessions. So, make sure that you avoid any cheap glove materials like PU leather or anything similar when choosing boxing gloves. 

What Size Boxing Gloves Should You Get as a Beginner?

What oz boxing gloves for beginners are best for you, you might ask? The perfect boxing glove size for you will mainly depend on your body weight. Choosing the right size is very important for a variety of reasons. For one, if you choose gloves that are too small or too light, you'll never be able to train properly and comfortably. 

Because the gloves would be so light, you would never have the chance to actually break a sweat or put the right amount of force and weight behind your swings. On the other hand, if your gloves are too big and heavy, then you'll get exhausted far too quickly. In some cases, you might even strain your muscles and make it very difficult as well as painful to train. 

For both men and women, choosing the right boxing glove size is relatively straightforward. For men, if you are under 100 pounds, you should only use 10 to 12 oz gloves. This size range is good for children and young teenagers who have an interest in boxing. 

If you weigh between 100 and 150 pounds, then you should use 12 to 14 oz gloves. If you are between 150 and 175 pounds, you should use 14 to 16 oz gloves. And finally, if you weigh more than 175 pounds, then you should use gloves that are 16 oz or higher. 

Keep in mind that these recommendations are for men. For women between 100 and 125 pounds, 14 oz gloves will be ideal. Between the weights of 125 and 150, 16 oz gloves will be a good choice. 

And finally, women over 150 pounds will find 16 oz gloves to be the perfect choice.

Finding the Perfect Glove

For most men, gloves between 12 oz and 16 ounces are perfect for a variety of things. In particular, these gloves are great for throwing heavy punches at punching bags. 

Heavier gloves are good for punching bags because of the strength and sturdiness they have behind them. They also do a very good job of protecting your hands against the hard material of the punching bag. Of course, if you want to focus on light sparring, then these gloves wouldn't be the best choice. 

Instead, gloves that are around 12 oz or 14 oz are best for light sparring. These gloves will ensure that you won't get tired with all the quick movements you need to make. They should remain very secure on your hands and should help improve your training style. 

Of course, you may need to experiment a little bit with the different glove sizes before you finally find one that works best for you. While the size recommendations above should help most people, some may find that a certain glove size outside of the recommendation may work better for them. You may also need to consider different glove sizes as you progress in your training. 

For example, if your goal is to bulk up throughout your training, you may need to move onto a larger glove size down the road. 

Boxing Gloves To Consider

Now that you know all about what makes a good pair of boxing gloves, you might be wondering what kind of brands you should look for. For example, the Adidas Hybrid 200 Leather Boxing Gloves are very good boxing gloves to consider for beginners. These gloves are not only high-quality but they also offer plenty of wrist support and unique and comfortable padding around the hands that many cheaper gloves will never provide.

And, because they are made out of real leather, they are very durable and should last a long time. This is not to mention that the lining and padding on the inside of the glove will keep your hands completely protected no matter how hard you swing. They also do well to keep your hands cool and free of sweat.

If you want a similar glove, you can also consider the Adidas Speed Tilt 150 Training Gloves. The gloves are of a slightly different design and they are known for being very flexible and versatile. Its unique design allows your wrist to stay safe at all times. 

Adidas Speed Tilt 150 Training Gloves

Its interior is also unique in that it holds your knuckles in a way that protects them completely when you throw punches. This is not to mention that these gloves are extremely stylish. 

Other Options To Consider

The Everlast Powerlock2 Pro Training Gloves are yet another set of gloves that will be able to take you wherever you need to go on your boxing journey.

These gloves are so well-made that you can box with them every day and they still won't wear down. 


Everlast Powerlock2 Pro Training Gloves

Their durability comes from the fact that they are made from real leather and, of course, real leather is known to be very sturdy. At the same time, these gloves are very comfortable, flexible, and even breathable. When wearing them, you won't have to worry about your hands becoming a sweaty mess since the gloves are very well ventilated. 

The Adidas Hybrid 80 Training Gloves are also a good choice. They are so versatile that they are ideal not only for regular boxing but also for cardio boxing and even kickboxing.

Adidas Hybrid 80 Training Gloves

All About Boxing Gloves for Beginners

When it comes to boxing gloves for beginners, there are many factors you need to think about.

You need to avoid certain gloves that have weak velcro straps or gloves that are made of low-quality materials. You should always make sure that you choose the right size for your gloves and that the gloves have plenty of padding to protect your hands. 

To learn more about your options for boxing gloves for beginners, contact us here.
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