Are Adidas Boxing Gloves Good? A General Review Of An Iconic Sports Brand’s Combat Sports Products

A solid and reliable pair of boxing gloves is paramount to any dedicated boxer or martial artist who’s serious about their day-to-day training. While we’re always looking to equip ourselves with the best gear available, we also care about making sure our gear is looking clean and stylish.

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To this day, we at ATL Fight Shop are still surprised that many in the general public are not aware that Adidas has their own combat sports line that focuses on the design and manufacturing of boxing and mixed martial arts equipment. It’s a massive surprise because many of the products they offer are incredible in terms of quality, design and craftsmanship. The Adidas Combat Sports division offers various combat sports products such as boxing gloves, hand wraps, BJJ Gi’s, rashguards and more. What makes their products truly stand out is their iconic three-stripe aesthetic applied to these combat sports focused products.

With all that said, we’re sure you’re very well aware of the different boxing gloves Adidas has to offer, and you’re just wanting to know “Are Adidas boxing gloves any good?”. Our short answer: it really depends on the model you choose, but for the most part, yes, they offer some boxing gloves with great quality and comfortability. Keep reading below as we dive deeper into what makes Adidas boxing gloves a great choice for your next pair for your training and fight needs.

Why You Should Care About Finding The Right Pair Of Boxing Gloves

Picking the right pair of boxing gloves is crucial if you really want to take up boxing or MMA seriously. Boxing gloves not only serve to protect your hands, but they also help to improve your technique, performance and even stamina (those shoulders of yours need conditioning!). A pair of well-fitted boxing gloves can make all the difference in the ring and the mats, ensuring that you're comfortable and supported during training and competition.

Picking out the wrong pair of boxing gloves can potentially lead to injuries and, even worse, long-term damage. Boxing gloves that are manufactured with subpar padding and wrist support can cause you to experience pain in your wrist and hands during your training sessions, and you absolutely don't want that happening over the course of your training.

When you're choosing the pair of boxing gloves that are right for you, seleval factors, including your weight, skill level and the type of training you engage in come into play. Boxing gloves come in different sizes, materials and designs, so it's important you do some research beforehand and ideally see if you can find reviews of others' experiences with the gloves you have in mind. Luckily, in this article, we're going to talk about some of our favorite Adidas boxing gloves that we have personally tried out and we'll give you an accurate representation of what you can expect.

Adidas Emergence As A Top Player In The Combat Sports Industry

As one of the leading brands in all of sports, Adidas has made a significant impact in the combat sports industry by introducing high quality boxing gloves, hand wraps and apparel for boxing, MMA and Muay Thai. Adidas has a long-standing reputation for their quality, innovation and reliability, making it a natural fit for combat sports, specifically boxing and MMA. The three-stripes brand has quickly become a favorite among combat sports enthusiasts and professionals for their training and fight needs.

Many of the company's boxing gloves, in particular, are designed with advanced technology that provides optimal support, comfort and durability for boxers and kickboxers. Adidas also offers training gear and equipment, such as focus mitts and heavy punching bags, to help dedicated fighters like you further develop their skills and techniques.

The Unique Adidas Design and Branding Crosses Over Into Boxing And MMA

We’re used to seeing Adidas manufacture products for incredibly popular sports such as Soccer, Football, Track and Field, as well as produce lifestyle goods for everyday purposes. Their products stand out clearly from the many different global sports brands by incorporating their iconic three-stripe design across many of their products, including t-shirts, shorts, shoes and more.

When Adidas officially entered the combat sports industry, we finally got a chance to see what a pair of boxing gloves or hand wraps looked like with their iconic branding, and from their latest collection of products, they do not disappoint. Adidas also offers lifestyle apparel that also be used for training that focuses on the various martial arts practices many of us live and breathe, such as boxing, kickboxing, BJJ and Karate. The Adidas Boxing collection is currently one of the most popular collections, and many of their gloves can be found being worn by combat superstars, including most recently Conor McGregor and his Irish-themed Adidas Adispeed 500 Pro boxing gloves.

The Different Types Of Boxing Gloves Adidas Has To Offer

With Adidas entering the combat sports industry, they have been able to manufacture products that accommodate many budget types as well as gear tailored for beginners or experienced competitors. Many of the boxing gloves they offer are perfect for traditional boxing and kickboxing training as well as competitive training and sparring. The tricky part of finding the glove that’s right for you, especially when shopping online, is determining whether the glove is of the best quality as well as its comfort level and durability. Lastly, Adidas offers gloves in two formats: velcro and lace. Traditionally, casual practitioners and cardio boxers/kickboxers will lean towards the velcro/strap format while more dedicated/competitive martial artists will lean towards lace gloves.

Boxing & Kickboxing

The large collection of boxing gloves offered by Adidas Combat Sports encompasses many different options for many different types of martial artists. Luckily, if you’re just starting your journey into boxing, kickboxing or even MMA, they’ve got a set of gloves just for you. If you’re someone who is a couple of years’ in training and are itching to make the leap to competitive fighting, Adidas has the perfect gear for you too. Check out our Adidas Boxing collection to view all of our available Adidas boxing gloves.

Velcro Boxing Gloves

When you’re looking for convenience and ease of use, velcro boxing gloves are the way to go and Adidas has definitely got you covered. Highly recommended for beginners who are just learning the trade, velcro boxing gloves allow you to quickly put on your gloves before each workout round and remove quickly when your coaches are asking you to quickly do some push-ups. Many life-long martial artists still use velcro boxing gloves, a lot of us at ATL Fight Shop included, because of its ease of use to apply during class.

Lace Boxing Gloves

The dedicated fighter’s choice, lace up boxing gloves are popular among active competitors due to their ability to provide a more custom fit. If a fighter needs their gloves wrapped with a certain amount of tightness to provide extra protection, they can very well do so with lace-up gloves. Many velcro boxing gloves do not offer this feature. Another positive for lace-up boxing gloves is the fact that you wont have to worry about your velcro strap wearing out and no longer being able to secure your boxing gloves. Your new boxing gloves’ lace will surely hold up over time.

Quality Of Adidas Boxing Gloves

Adidas is a brand that's been producing quality boxing gloves and combat sports gear for many years. When it comes to their boxing gloves, the brand's gloves are designed with advanced technology and quality materials, providing you with the necessary support and protection during those grueling training and competition days. Finding a pair of gloves that provides you with sufficient wrist support is a common issue when buying boxing gloves online, and Adidas has definitely taken note as many of their gloves offer top notch wrist support, such as the Adidas Hybrid 350 Elite boxing gloves. Adidas boxing gloves are designed with this in mind, featuring an ergonomic wrist design that provides you with the necessary support for powerful punches while reducing the risk of injury.


Adidas Hybrid 350 Elite Boxing Gloves in red, available at ATL Fight Shop



The overall materials of many Adidas combat sports products are second-to-none. While there is an obvious difference between the lower-tier boxing gloves and the higher price point boxing gloves, they’re all consistent with providing the best possible padding and support for your training.

The Adidas combat sports apparel on the other hand is just on another level. The quality and design of their combat sports apparel exceeds all expectations compared to what you’re normally used to when shopping at big box stores. They use high quality cotton and materials when manufacturing the apparel.


Many of the Adidas boxing gloves we have had the chance to test ourselves have been nothing short of awesome for the prices they sell for. For instance, the Adidas Hybrid 200 boxing gloves offer some of the best padding we have ever seen in a boxing glove. The additional padding on the frontal part of your hand makes hitting the bag and pads delightful during every 1-2, 3-6, and 4-5. When it comes to comfort, we cannot recommend these blue and white boxing gloves enough as a quality option for your next set of boxing gloves.


Adidas Hybrid 200 Boxing Gloves

Comparison of Adidas Boxing Gloves To Other Top Brands

It’s a bit tough to make direct comparisons to other boxing glove manufacturers as each make and model of glove has its perks and negatives. One of the clear stand-outs in comparison between Adidas and other brands, such as Everlast, Hayabusa, and Title, is the brand and design alone. Everyone knows the Adidas brand, but not alot of people are aware that Adidas manufactures combat sports gear. If you’re looking to make an immediate impression at the gym, Adidas boxing gloves will no doubt do the job for you.

The comfort and quality of Adidas boxing gloves is also worth mentioning. As discussed before the Adidas Hybrid 200 boxing gloves are some of the highly recommended set of boxing gloves we can offer, especially at the $99.99 price point. For that same price, you can risk purchasing a set of bad gloves that are well marketed on social media, only for you to take them to your gym, start hitting the bag and jam your thumb (this is a real story - gloves were Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves - definitely NOT recommended, stay away!)

Tips For Selecting Your Next Pair Of Adidas Boxing Gloves

Finding your next pair of boxing gloves, especially when shopping for them online, can be one of the biggest headaches in your quest to find your next pair of gloves. After years of buying gloves online from some of the biggest brands and retailers in Boxing and MMA, we believe we’ve picked up some good habits that we’d be happy to share with you.

Pick a Design You Like

While shopping for gloves online can be a hassle since you can’t try them on, the next best thing to do is to pick a pair of gloves based on the aesthetic of the glove. Come on, this is generally how we all shop! You want to be sure you’re picking out the right set of gloves that not only feel great, but look great too, and Adidas has no shortage of good-looking boxing gloves. Check out our collection of Adidas boxing gloves by clicking the link.

Read The Reviews Available

Make sure you do your due diligence - read any and all reviews available to you about the boxing gloves you have in mind. Don’t obsess over the top rated, 5-star reviews - make sure to peek at the lower star reviews as well and see what they’re saying. Many times, you may see a review from someone who just had a bad shopping experience and is just trying to trash on the store, but sometimes you’ll run into a review that may raise some genuine concern. While that new $200 pair of gloves may look incredible on your phone or laptop, when they get delivered in person may say a different story.

Make Sure You’ve Explored All Available Options Before Purchasing Your New Gloves

After you’ve put together your shortlist of gloves, review your options carefully and pick out the ones you feel the most confident about. Remember, many brands and fight shops do not allow returns after the product has been opened, even worse if they’ve been used. While ATL Fight Shop has a similar return policy, if you talk to one of our gear consultants and you absolutely hate your new gloves, we may be able to work with you to find your next set of gloves.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

If you’re considering buying a pair of Adidas boxing gloves, we strongly recommend you give them a try. If you’re not sure which pair is right for you, give us a call or shoot us a text and we’ll try our best to help you find your next pair of Adidas boxing gloves!

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